Home pregnancy tests are not always accurate and reliable for early pregnancy detection. It can be good to have “another pair of eyes” watching over the procedure and looking at the results of the test. You are not alone.

Woodbury Life Resource Centers offers top-quality pregnancy tests and trained, experienced staff to assist you.

Our clients often have lots of questions. We can provide solid answers and lots of information. We can offer good, sound advice, based on our excellent training and experience. We care about you, and we’ll offer you “the personal touch” with compassion, hope, and help. Home pregnancy tests don’t do that.


Home Pregnancy Tests – How do they work?

After the fertilized egg attaches to your uterine lining, you begin to produce the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Most home pregnancy tests work by detecting this hormone in your urine. It is recommended that this test is taken one week after a missed period. While many products claim 99% accuracy, there are many conditions that can trigger false results. A false-negative is when you are pregnant, but the test says you are not. A false-positive says you are pregnant, when you are not. Being on certain prescription drugs, or the types and amounts of fluids that you recently ingested, could be factors in the accuracy of these tests.

While our standard pregnancy tests are urine tests, we can refer you to a qualified medical clinic for a validating blood test if advised.