About Woodbury Life Resource Center

Our Vision

Our goal is to be the recognized leader in the communities we serve by providing critical life-affirming resources for anyone facing an unexpected pregnancy or basic health choices surrounding sexual activity. We will empower women to make informed, safe and healthy decisions.

Our Mission

Woodbury Life Resource Center is a life-affirming organization that offers access to a wide range of free services and support for teens, young adults, parents and families experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or seeking abstinence support.


Being a portal of hope to those in need by providing help & respect with healthy choices and positive alternatives.

Providing information and support resources in a supportive, safe and caring environment.

Focus on the Client
Always be present and aware of the individuals we serve and the needs they have, providing them the personalized support they need.

Earning Trust
Always strive to pursue open communication in a highly confidential manner while sharing life affirming alternatives or approaches.

Treat each individual we treat as a child of God.

Sense of Urgency
Meeting the needs of our clients in a timely and urgent manner will allow us to positively impact as many lives as possible.

Who we see

We welcome anyone from Woodbury, Hudson, Cottage Grove and surrounding areas who is pregnant or who has a child under the age of two.  We also help anyone needing an STI test or who would like information on abstinence and fertility awareness.

Community Partners

Woodbury Life Resource Center works in partnership with many community organizations: Other pregnancy help centers, The Woodbury Community Foundation, Christian Cupboard Community Food Shelf, Christian Closet, Woodbury Young Life, Cradle of Hope, Birthright, St. Paul Foundation, Catholic Community Foundation and area churches.

Board Of Directors

Trent Simpson

Norb Tennessen

Marilyn Craig

Tim McCarthy

Rick Rudolph

Doreen Charest

Wendy Stark

Brian Olson

Ken Dines

Accomplishments and Numbers for 2015

We served 236 new clients equating to over 800 center visists

We reached 5000 teens with pro-life message

We performed 281 (combined) STD Tests, pregnancy tests and ultrasounds

We provided finanical and material assistance to more than 425 clients


Financial Position for  2015

Current Assets                                            $57,369

Total Revenue                                             $130,853

Total Expenses                                            $134,064

Long Term Debt                                          $  0

Liabilities                                               $  0

Program Expense 2014

Client Counseling                                $30,603

Tests and Ultrasound                              $22,224

Material and Financial Assist                $24,949

Community Outreach and Educ            $17,761

Administration/Marketing                     $38,527